My name is Rakkan and I'm a London based Photographer.​


I got into photography when I was 8 years old. My first camera was a Kodak disc film one. Don't let the time fool you. I am a hobbyist at best.

I don't usually like to be defined by a style or a category. I simply capture what I see, or the emotion that I feel, or the moment I want to freeze at that specific moment.


I do have ideas and plans for shoots but they are mostly in the concept phase. I don't over plan it as I like the random and spontaneous aspect of it. I improvise very quickly based on the environment around me. I feed off the surroundings, and the final shot is usually a collection of mind visuals, thoughts, and feelings at that specific moment.


I like to shoot in black and white because it captures and focuses on the aspects I am interested in.

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